8 Unexpected Ways You Can Use Kitchen Scraps #EarthMonth

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  2. I save all my veggie scraps to make broth. It's really yummy, but it tends to be sweet and not a lot of heavy flavor. It's really great for lighter soups and such, because it won't weigh down the flavor, but it's not great for very hearty and flavorful soups. I find that I need a lot more seasonings to bring the flavor back where I want it to be.

  3. I think if tasty is going to be selling their own cookware they should put which one they used in the video as many beginner cooks, like me, make mistakes about what type of cookware to use. Especially with camera angles like these its hard to tell.

  4. How hard is it for you guys to use PINE NUTS instead of walnuts for your "pesto" recipes? Like it really irks me seeing you substitute the one other TRUE ingredient of pesto.

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