Empanadas 4 Ways

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  1. Dear white people, please stop trying call this unseasoned mess empanadas . This is clearly some appropriated mess yall made up. Next time get someone from your pero like team to make this please & thank you

  2. Why is everyone complaining about the last recipe tho….It seems delicious to me, there is nothing wrong with adding fruits in meat for a certain recipe like that. Like Hawaiian burgers, they have pineapples on it and it’s still delicious. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  3. Empanadas aren't my culture's thing, but I'm pretty sure you don't make them like this. Especially the last one, that was just a clusterfuck of things that definitely don't need to or should go in an empanada.

  4. As a Salvi those are pastelitos y my mother would kill me if she sees me using pie crust to make them.
    And I demand you add the Salvadorean empanada; a delicious fried little piece of heaven.😋

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