Hainanese Chicken Rice

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  1. how is she eating chicken rice with chopsticks? i'm singaporean and but i love using chopsticks but shes gonna take forever to finish that plate using chopsticks on the rice. but her recipe looks real good tho.

  2. never liked hainanese chicken rice. not much taste really. salty and chicken taste thats it. too simple and too easy. grilled or fried chicken is much better. sauteed chicken etc. there are so many better ways to cook chicken

  3. This is the first video of hers I've seen where I didn't actively dislike her. Probably because she isn't playing the role of a liberal, or an angry feminist spouting PC propaganda like the other times. Finally she's just being herself and sharing a family recipe.

  4. Ya’ll have no idea how happy i am just watching this video & imagining what it would taste like 😭 I moved from Singapore to Canada just over a year ago (after being born and raised there for 16 years) and have still yet to find the perfect recipe for Hainanese Chicken Rice for my whole family & I to enjoy 😭❤️ watching this made my little singaporean heart explode 😂

  5. Omg my parents always say that even though i was born in america I have an asian stomach! (They were born and raised in Malaysia) Also, this video hits a special place in my heart because we always have Hainanese chicken rice for special occasions.

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