The Best Way To Cook Bacon | Julie Nolke

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Julie tests four different ways to cook bacon and then tastes them blindfolded to determine which is the best.

This is bacon me hungry…

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  1. Check your Canadian credential. Oven, on a rack, full pound at a time.
    How do they tell the Canadians at the hotel breakfast buffet?
    Bowl of berry fruit, pineapple and all the bacon.

  2. People that knock the microwave as a cooking tool don't understand the science behind cooking. It's not good for everything, but for what it does right, it's fantastic and fun fact, no method of cooking food maintains more of the nutrient content than microwaving. Also, try baking the bacon in an oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes, but use a sheet pan with a baking rack and line the sheet pan in foil, or baking paper. It doesn't get mushy because the bacon fat drips down as it cooks, and when you're done, you let the tray cool a little while but not long enough for the bacon fat to solidify. Grab a mason jar and get the bacon fat in it. then toss the liner, and enjoy not having to clean the baking sheet. Mess free perfect bacon and a nice jar of bacon fat for those little cheat days.

  3. Just exactly how is that blindfolderded ? I could see your eyes throughout the whole of the cooking processst…yoooouuuuuu and stuff. You lied. BTW in the oven should be done on a rack.

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